Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exciting Events Coming to Coney Island!

A view from inside the Mermaid Parade.
Coney Island has some WILD events coming up!!!

This Saturday, June 23rd is the 30th Annual Mermaid Parade! The nation's largest art parade features mermaids and mermen, sea creatures, fancy floats and antique cars. If you can't handle wild and wacky fun, don't even get off the subway!

This year, King Neptune is Jackie Martling and Queen Mermaid is Annabella Sciora. Props to Coney Island, USA for putting up the Mermaid Parade for the past 30 years!

That guy in the third row knows how to scream!
Next Saturday, June 30th is the Cyclone Rollercoaster's 85th Birthday Party. It'll be the craziest party for a roller-coaster ever! We have local musicians, celebs and personalities. We're crowning the winners of the 2012 Cyclone Rollercoaster Charity Coasterthon. And we have surprises. Lots and lots of surprises*. Since it's not a real surprise if we tell you beforehand, you'll just have to trust us on that one.

*Okay - we'll reveal one of them:
Rides on the Cyclone Rollercoasters are going back to their original price for the first 85 minutes: a whopping 25 cents. You read right: Rides on the Cyclone will be 25 cents! Dig some quarters out of the sofa and come on down!

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