Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cyclone Charity Coasterthon a Huge Success

This past weekend, nine charities competed to win $24,000 from Luna Park!

Each charity picked their two biggest coaster fanatics to ride The Cyclone Rollercoaster until one person was left standing (or strapped in). Because of the incredible dedication and determination of the contestants, eight charities made it to the end.

After 134 cycles on the Cyclone, the following teams remained:
You Gotta Believe (Arelis Keane and Rosario Keane)
Alzheimer's Association (Amy Peterson and David Chung)
American Cancer Society Relay for Life (Katherine Smith and Vanessa Konstantino)
Give Kids the World (Larry Meisel and Fran Holz)
Sean Casey Animal Rescue (Lorena Carvajal)
New York Aquarium (Jamal Augustus)
New York Cares (Melvin de Jesus)
Youth Services Opportunities Project (Matt Brooks).

The only team that didn't make it was Team Special Olympics NYC (but they put in a valiant effort). The eight winning charities split the $24,000 prize money. Each charity set up an information booth in front of the Cyclone. The organizations were joined by Fuze, 92.3 NOW and Luna Park's own LUNAtic cheerleaders.

Check out our YouTube channel ( for videos of the event, interviews with contestants and a video mash-up!


  1. Actually I was the remaining rider for NY Cares. Martin bowed out after about 70 rides and passed the torch to me to press on for our organization. It was an amazing experience and I am glad that we took part in such a meaningful event. I might just do it again next year!

    Melvin De Jesus