Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Luna Park is back and ready for action!

Luna Park, Scream Zone and The Cyclone are back and ready for action this summer! More rides = more fun at Brooklyn's Coney Island.

In a few days, we're launching 2 brand new rides:
The Coney Island Raceway will quench your need for speed with 900 feet of track twisted with switchback and hairpin turns.
Boardwalk Flight will swing you over 200 feet over the boardwalk at speeds of over 60mph.

Of course, we also have your old favorites:
The Cyclone Rollercoaster - often imitated, never duplicated.
The Slingshot – hold on to your lunch, because this thing can reach 90 miles per hour.
The Steeplechase – an update on an old Coney Island favorite, this wild ride goes from 0-40 in under 2 seconds.

Don’t forget that Luna Park is family-friendly with plenty of mild and medium thrill rides to meet everyone’s adventure level.

We also have some exciting events coming your way, like The Cyclone Rollercoaster Charity Coasterthon on June 9th, The Cyclone’s 85th Birthday Party on June 30th and New York City’s Got Talent in early August.

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Check back soon for more updates from Luna Park!

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