Monday, March 29, 2010

Luna Park Mystery Picture

59 Days and counting!!

Last week the picture below surfaced online showing 8 pipes that had been placed under ground at the new Luna Park site. Since then the picture has appeared on various message boards with folks wondering what purpose the pipes will serve.

The 8 pipes are actually part of a detention tank which is being installed underground to collect stormwater runoff. The purpose of the detention tank is to absorb surplus stormwater, to prevent it from overloading the local infrastructure. Basically, instead of stormwater overflowing and causing flooding, the detention tank will instead hold the stormwater and slowly release it preventing a surge and the potential for property damage.

That way Luna Park will be able to quickly recover after storms, and immediately begin operations for you enjoyment. However, since we've already made weather arrangements calling for clear skies and nothing but sunshine, none of this should really have to come into play, it's merely just a back-up plan. =)

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Luna Park ~ The FUN Is Back!!

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  1. I was at Coney Island today and noticed the former Astrotower. What stood out was that this remained intact from it's days at th former Astroland(R.I.P.) Even the que line remained in an otherwise empty lot. Obviously the ride is in need of dire attention, but could we possibly be seeing this operating? Will it just remain standing? Or is it scheduled for demolation at a later date? Thanks!